Message of guidance from the author

I want to encourage committed Christians, Sunday church attendees, and non-believers alike to search for a deeper sense of understanding of how and where to find true peace within themselves.

Remember that each of us has both a gift and a purpose that we should fulfill and utilize as we proceed on our life’s journey. Always do your best to exhibit to others in your countenance and your actions that you are a follower of Jesus. Let patience, faithfulness, love, mercy, and self- control be exercised on a consistent basis. If we follow this pathway in a conscientious manner, others will be interested in our realm of happiness and peace of mind.

It’s equally important for us to read the Bible on a regular basis. This both deepens our faith and aids us in explaining to others the promises of God that broaden our understanding and commitment. By following this initiative, we will bring others to Christ while deepening our own faith and commitment.

Most importantly, have a purposeful prayer connection with our Lord. Open your heart in praise and thanksgiving for the blessings that have been extended to you and your family. Ask humbly for forgiveness for the transgressions that you have committed throughout the week. Only then, ask for the needs or desires that you feel will lead you to a more committed life for God and the Lord Jesus Christ. Ask the Lord for guidance as you proceed forward in your quest to learn more and ask for the understanding and experience that will increase your own personal closeness with God. Now, as you feel purpose for yourself, do not be selfish but enthusiastically share your peace of mind with others.

May the unfolding of my words ignite your search for the true riches of peace of mind through your faith and reliance in Jesus Christ.