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Peace Within Through God’s Way provides guidance for individuals of all ages who are believers in God as well as non-believers who are having difficulty dealing with anxiety and lack of peace of mind. The book is organized in a simple, straightforward format, alphabetically by Words of God. Each Word of God shares both direct scripture and commentary by the author.




I was moved often as I read Jan Dolcater’s book, Peace Within Through God’s Way. It brought to mind the many times we prayed and worked together for God’s mission and the good of the church. His faith and the steps he’s taken to keep his own faith vibrant and true can be truly meaningful to others.

Jan is a man of integrity whose upright character has been formed by God’s grace and tested in life’s fires. He shares his story through key selections of Scripture and his reflections upon them. Practical and down-to-earth, Jan shows how God’s Word applies to everyday teaching. This challenges and strengthens us – if we will allow it.

Coming from his own experience of both hardship and blessing, Jan encourages and inspires us to put God at the center of our lives and be guided by His Word.

I especially appreciate his encouragement to read Scripture frequently and to ponder it carefully and be consistently guided by it.

—The Rev. Dr. Michael Rowe, Rector, St Mary’s Church, Bonita Spring, Florida



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